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How to design deep drawing progressive stamping die?

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Update time : 2021-01-15 17:06:30
The requirements for stamping on the sheet material must first meet the technical requirements of the product, such as strength, stiffness and other mechanical properties. Secondly, it must meet the requirements of the stamping process, that is, it should have good stamping and forming properties. With the material consumption, the number of processes and working hours, the stable quality products can be obtained stably, and the mold structure is simple and the mold life is high, so labor and punching costs can be reduced. The factors affecting the processability of the drawn parts are mainly the structure and size, precision and materials of the drawn parts. The requirements for the structure and size of the deep drawing process are that the deep drawing piece is as simple and symmetrical as possible, and can be deep drawn at one time; the wall thickness tolerance or thinning amount of the deep drawing part should generally not exceed the variation law of the wall thickness of the drawing process; When the degree of deformation of the part is too deep, in order to avoid cracking, multiple deep drawing is required. At this time, under the premise of ensuring the necessary surface quality, the inner and outer surfaces should be allowed to have traces that may occur during the drawing process. : Under the guarantee of assembly requirements, the side wall of the deep drawing piece should be allowed to have a certain inclination. The radial dimension of the deep drawing member should only be marked with the outer dimension or the inner dimension, and the inner and outer dimensions cannot be marked at the same time. The process requires that the material has good plasticity, and the smaller the yield ratio ReL Rm / , the greater the degree of ultimate deformation allowed by one draw, and the better the draw performance: the plate thickness directivity coefficient r and the plate plane direction coefficient Δr reflect the materials The anisotropic property, when r is large or Δr is small, the deformation of the material thickness is easier than the deformation in the thickness direction, the difference in the performance of the plane direction of the plate is small, and the material is not easily thinned or cracked during the drawing, thereby facilitating the drawing.