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Quality control

1. Quality Policy

Full participation, Prevention first, Positive improvement, Un-conditionally meet customer quality requirements.

1.Full participation---- People is the company primary productive force.Specify work duty for each department.All employees must develop work strictly following the requirements of Quality Procedure and Work Instruction,so as to guarantee product quality.
2.Prevention First--- Quality does not come from inspection, it comes from production.We use PDCA and 5W work method, in the process of work, to prevent the occurrence of quality problems, is the focus of quality control. 
3.Positive improvement---The occurrence of a problem is not terrible, terrible problems after the occurrence of no timely investigation and take countermeasures, and prevent similar problems.We need to have a mindset of continuous improvement in order to fulfill our commitment to our customers.
4.Unconditionally meet customer quality requirements---We focus on customers, take customers’ satisfaction as our goal and regularly investigate customer feedback,take all possible measures to make them satisfied.
2. Quality Goal
A: stamping parts quality of each shipment ≥ 98.5%
B: stamping die and injection mold design mistake ≤ 1 time/season
C: samples quality rate ≥ 98%
D: purchase quality rate ≥ 98%
E: customer satisfaction ≥ 98 score
F: train quality rate ≥ 95%
G: On Time Delivery of stamping parts and stamping die and injection mold ≥ 95%

3. Statistical table of the achievement of quality targets in 2020