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About Us

Shenzhen Newsky Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional stamping Die and injection mold Maker located in China. NEWSKY is committed to the high-precision die parts, metal stamping dies, injection molds, stamping parts, automotive power battery structure parts and fuel cell metal bipolar plates mold. NEWSKY products are widely used in automotive & home appliances industries, and has already established long-term cooperation with EPSON, Sunpower, CATL, Lamex and other well-known companies. NEWSKY acquired ISO9001 certification, and Importing and exporting licence, and also had been awarded a number of utility model patent certificates and patent for Invention of stamping die technology.
NEWSKY has two factories. Shenzhen Factory is mainly engaged in precision parts processing, metal stamping die and stamping processing. It mainly provides precision metal stamping parts for OA, electronics, medical treatment, power battery and fuel cell industries. NEWSKY has 20 sets of 60T to 400T presses and servo presses, more than 30 sets of high-precision mold processing equipment and testing equipment. We have the ability to produce small precision parts, also have the ability to produce metal stamping parts up to 1000mm.Newsky mainly uses aluminum, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper and copper alloy, precision tinned copper strip, etc., the thickness of the material from 0.05 to 3.0mm, can meet your various stamping and forming needs.

Dongguan factory to precision injection mold parts, precision injection mold design and processing. Now the factory has Makino V33, SODICK S50L high-precision CNC machining center 8 sets, SODICK slow wire 3 sets, Makino precision discharge processing machine 10 sets, the highest precision of the mold parts can be up to ±0.001mm.

In addition, we own the brand of "One Micron", and provide rapid fixture and planetary gear reducer products for customer, Of course, provide ODM service for you.

With 16 years of factory management experience and excellent technical team, Newsky has the advantages of quality, technology and cost. NEWSKY has always adhered to the customer-oriented, through sincerity, to build a relationship of mutual trust between customers, employees, suppliers and NEWSKY, to become a "reliable, popular, healthy and sustainable development of the first-class enterprise."
Our advantages:
One-stop service: from die and mold design, Simulation and manufacture, and tryout, to stamping parts production, all can be done in our plant.
Quality System:  ISO9000-2015 System certificate, for the stamping dies designing, and stamping tooling manufacturing.
Professional Service: professional team to continually support the customers in 16 countries, from dies design review, timing report, buy off to home line tryout.
Faster Lead time: 7-8 weeks to provide the off tool samples for progressive dies with 2-3 meters, 9-10 weeks to provide the 100% qualified samples to the customers.

ISO certification (ISO9001,ISO14000,ISO45001):