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Thin material stamping


Ultra-thin materials stamping processing technology


Ultra-thin materials stamping processing usually refers to the material stamping processing technology of material thickness less than 0.1 mm. It has incomparable application prospect compared with the conventional manufacturing technology. The micro robot, micro aircraft, micro satellites, satellite gyroscope, micro chestnut, micro instrument, micro sensors, integrated circuit and so on made by this technology have good application in many fields of modern science and technology, and this technology 

can bring new development and breakthrough, to many fields, and undoubtedly will have a profound influence on the future science and technology and national defense in our country .


The difficulty of the ultra-thin materials stamping is that because the material is very thin, stamping gap is close to 0, the high requirements of mold parts processing precision and matching accuracy are put forward.


Newsky has accumulated certain experience in processing the ultra-thin materials stamping of thickness 0.03 ~ 0.1 mm, now studies the stamping production possibilities of material thickness less than 0.01mm, and independently develops a feeding device of super-thin materials, to facilitate the stamping production.


The following material thickness is 0.04 mm, and the difficulty is that the center hole needs to squeeze the chamfer C0.04.