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Cold Forging Progressive


Continuous cold extrusion (CFP technology)


Customers are puzzled and are seeking the solution...

1. How to process the batch metal parts with complex three-dimensional shape ?

2. Machining cost is too high, and is there more suitable processing technology?

3. How to eliminate the collapse angle and broken-out section of the stamping parts, and improve its surface quality?

4. Can some turn-milling machining parts use the stamping?

5. How to improve the machining precision of the stamping parts?



CFPCold Forging Progressive ) technology characteristic

1. CFP technology is a new stamping processing technology with innovation significance through the combination of continuous stamping and cold forging.

2. Most of the parts are manufactured through using milling, turning, grinding and other machining methods, wire cutting, electric spark and other electric processing, or sinter molding + machining, or stamping (die casting) + machining and other methods. But through CFP technology, the cold extrusion technology is used on the premise of guaranteeing the quality, significantly reducing the processing time, and reducing the processing cost.

3. It is necessary to perfect the product drawings in the process of development and design, to facilitate the application of CFP technology.

4. The plates will be processed into the complicated three-dimensional shape through the CFP technology, reducing the materials cost, improving production efficiency and shortening the delivery cycle.


CFPCold Forging Progressive ) application example

Material SUS304, plate thickness T = 2.0 mm, through-hole diameter Ø6.5 mm, counterbore diameter Ø10 mm, counterbore depth 1.6 mm.

Tooling length is 1200 mm. The number of steps is 22.

Convex plate and tooth profile are completed through the CFP mould stamping processing, without subsequent machining.


The possibility of extrusion processing

The following is the possible range for the realization of the extrusion processing: